Do you need to deal with scanned mesh models in Autodesk® 3ds max®, or send them to CAD systems like SolidWorks®, Pro Engineer, Catia, or Autodesk® Inventor®? Power ScanToNURBS imports scanned meshes into 3ds Max, and converts them into a NURBS format that can be exported to various CAD systems or rapid prototyping machines. Power ScanToNURBS is the powerful enabling tool that allows you to transfer your mesh models to Autodesk® Inventor® and other CAD systems.

Power ScanToNURBS quickly and accurately converts scanned mesh data, and creates high quality, smooth surfaces, with at least G1 continuity across surface boundaries. Power ScanToNURBS works especially well with Power NURBS Pro (which provides NURBS modeling for 3ds Max). Power ScanToNURBS facilitates working with scanned data by converting it into a format where powerful modeling operations can easily be applied. Coupled with Power NURBS Pro, Power ScanToNURBS allows you to import scanned meshes, convert to NURBS to apply Boolean operations, filleting, blending, etc., and then export the resulting NURBS model to virtually any CAD system or rapid prototyping machine. Power ScanToNURBS simplifies this process by creating accurate NURBS representations, with logical surface breakdowns. This intelligent surface breakdown makes it easier to work with the resulting NURBS models as if they were originally constructed using NURBS modeling techniques. Power ScanToNURBS brings scanned models to life, allowing designers to import complex parts and modify them to suite their needs. Because the resulting models are water tight, they can be sent to rapid prototyping machines. They can also be sent to CAD systems where they can be modified using standard CAD operations like filleting, shelling, or Booleans. See an example with our video tutorials.

Power can be purchased separately, or combined with Power SubD-NURBS and/or Power NURBS Pro . Power SubD-NURBS converts Sub-D (or quad dominant mesh models), and Power ScanToNURBS converts triangular scanned mesh models into a CAD compliant NURBS format.