Creativity Unbridled!


Joel Fazzi I sure appreciate everything, the plug-ins are so wonderful!
Georhans "I...was blown away by the power nurbs demo for 3dsmax. The reason I like your product so much is because you can now create seamless, say perfect models in 3d studios using nurbs. What blows me away is not only that you can do this with ease, but how precise it is. I have never used nurbs systems before until I tried your product and I was already creating models in 1 day. I want to thank you for your time and congratulate everyone in npower for a more than excellent product. not a 10 a 20!!!! Best plugin I have seen to model nurbs comparison (hands down!!) "
Gene Ireland

Overall this is the most amazing tool I've seen in a long time.  The power sketch tool is the most innovative tool I've seen in any graphics tool.  

You and your team have done a magnificent job.  Maybe now I can begin to build the things that have mystified me

Aslan Zalikhanov Thanx... for this FANTASTIC REVOLUTIONARY SOFTWARE!  Incredible way to model!!! Fast, superior! So many features!

Ted Horrocks

"one of the greatest plugins ever!"

Etienne Frasse
Freelance artist

...I can't stop using Power Nurbs, it's so powerfull

Gregor Kulikowski

By the way, it is amazing to work with powerNURBS, impossible models are now possible ;)

Richard Grogan


I was just reviewing your new tutorials.  It is truly amazing that this level of geometric complexity is even possible, let alone in MAX and especially in (almost) real-time.

You are most definitely on the right track both technically and practically.

Keep up the GREAT work!

Largillier Jean Christophe

I send you some pictures that I have made with powerSolids/PowerNurbs...Your program is wonderful and as soon as my purse permit me to buy I will purchase your fabulous software.

Zero 3D Illustration & Design

Great product, and have had no problems thus far.

John Schweikle
Lombard, Illinois

I've been using Rhino since 1996 and have been wishing for the ability to model in 3dsmax in a similar way - thank you nPower - now I can!  

Cyril Verrier
3D Artist

PowerNurbs is a fantastic NURBS tool, very intuitive and powerful.  3Ds max combined with PowerNurbs becomes one of the best NURBS modelers, several features are very ingenious and give extreme control over your work, very nice !  Npower Software gives a new dimension to Max, and provides the ultimate NURBS tool for all max users.

Simply excellent !

Gary Hoover

Man, Powernurbs sure is one heck of a tool!!!

Joe Scarr

Awesome!'s a fun tool to use...there are a lot of tools, but the scope of it all isn't too huge.

keep up the good work!

Philippe Murzeau

Having reviewed all the video tutorials on your site, I think power NURBS can really be a design tool on its own, it's like unleashing the creative opportunities which were lying in NURBS, removing the highly complex processes previously needed to accomplish something decent out of NURBS

Mark Ryan

Finally got around to watching the Powernurbs videos on your site ....still trying to pick my jaw up from the floor. That  sketcher is amazing!

It just keeps getting better and better  (Power ...... ).  You guys are doing great work!  Congratulations on another great product!

Solomon Jagwe

Here is an image I made using Power Nurbs...Power Nurbs makes it so much easier - I like the fact that any shape I make with the Max native shape tools - I can use
the power extrude, Boolean, etc.

Thanks Guys for such a powerful tool.

Here is a model of a radio that I am working on. All power nurbs - what a cool tool - Time saver!! It would have taken me
forever to get the detail using polygonal modeling.

Andy Moleneaux

I was amazed.....nay blown away by the demo movie.

Akihiko Tarutani
Autodesk AE

The plug-in product of your company raises productivity very wonderfully.  In particular, Power NURBS is counted on very much.  I know about "new Power NURBS" well.
I think that this plug-in is wonderful...The tutorial on your web page is also wonderful...I feel amazing things "Power NURBS" has united with "max".  It feels like another software package rather than "Power NURBS" being called just a plug-in.  I think that the technology of "N-Power" is wonderful.

Ger Kenny

I've just finished viewing the introductory videos and the camera build tutorial for PowerNurbs. Amazing.

Having seen the demo and tutorial materials on the NPower website I think this new software will become an industry standard production tool.  

I was very impressed with how intuitive the whole creative
process seemed to be in the camera tutorial and the integrity of the mesh created when separate objects were merged.

I was wondering when the product will retail and what the cost will be since I will definitely be purchasing it.

Congratulations on a great piece of software.                          

John Roumeliotis
KKESH Media Services

Amazing stuff!  So simple and elegant!

Metin Seven
SevensHeaven design

I'm now excitedly watching the tutorials and being amazed at the ease of constructing complex models.

Steve Teller
Technical Director
Inhance Digital Corp

Congratulations on your Power Nurbs Release.  It looks incredible!                                           

Dave Yu
Visual Effects supervisor
Underground Logic

You guys got a great product.

Philippe (beta tester)

I am really... much impressed by your sofware !   Keep on doing your great work, this is the best Nurbs modeling plugin I've ever seen !

Andreas Behmel

Really great piece of software!  Something I was always missing in 3D animation packages, as I come from a CAD background.

Dave Yu

Love the Power Nurbs! More i use it the more I like it...Power Nurb is just too
fun to use!

Jason Cross

Thanks a ton. The software is great!

Shawn Olson

Keep up the good work. I love your software!

Marcus Toepke, Germany is a very good plugin software, I don't want to miss it.

Olaf Finkbeiner

Mainworks GmbH

Comparing the tessellation of Showcase and PN I have a clear winner! PN of course! Your software rocks!

Jens Mondry

I'm looking forward to install your latest update and taste the improvements... Once more thanks to all in the team, great stuff.

Wayne Vinucane
3D Illustration

Looks like an amazing plug-in.

Jake Wells

Looks like a great release. PowerNURBS has changed my life!

Tom Miller

Thanks for the rapid response!  Again what a marvelous tool you folks have created!

Doug Howard

As always thank you, we love your software.

Fred Kuramura

But I have to say, this is the best looking software modeling package that I’ve seen.

Dave Knebes
Trilogy Design LLC.

...this is AMAZING.  Very easy to use once I figured it out.  This will save me HOURS of time...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

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