Power Surfacing RE

Getting Started with RE

This video shows you how to get started using Power Surfacing RE (Reverse Engineering). It shows how to import a reference mesh and control the display of the reference mesh and the corresponding Sub-D mesh you are using to retopologize it. Also shown is an overview of the new tools available with Power Surfacing RE.

Recorded using Power Surfacing RE Beta 1.0

Preparing the Mesh

This video demonstrates setting up a reference mesh from a SolidWorks body. Meshes often have holes and sharp boundary edges. Selection sets and patching help you work with the mesh and get it prepared for the retopologizing process.

Recorded using Power Surfacing RE Beta 1.0.

Utilizing the Interpolate Command

This video demonstrate a workflow for utilizing the Interpolate command to increase the accuracy of the subdivided object prior to conversion. It also shows how the Interpolate command is utilized when adding detail to the object that is not constrained to the reference mesh.

Recorded using Power Surfacing RE Beta 1.0